EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Security systems are great tools to help keep people safe, but they can be costly when a system is triggered without an emergency. In recent years, false alarms account for approximately 98% of all alarm calls say the East Brunswick Police. These false alarms divert law enforcement resources from crimes in progress, other emergency situations, and assigned patrols. 

False alarms happen for a variety of reasons, but most are caused by human error. In fact, the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) reports that more than 80% of false alarms are caused by mistakes that could easily be prevented.

As a reminder, East Brunswick residents and businesses must register their alarm systems by May 31, 2018 via the online CryWolf Administration Site found at www.EBPD.net.

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The EBPD has listed the following top six causes of fire alarms:

1.  Improper Arming and Disarming - Users make mistakes when entering the passcode or take too long to enter a complete passcode

2.  Not Properly Training Authorized Users - this includes a cleaning crew, a baby-sitter or a repairperson who enters the passcode incorrectly or is not aware of the location of sensors

3. Power Problems - This includes weak batteries or power outages that may occur in a home or neighborhood.  It is important to have a battery backup so that a power outage does not trigger a false alarm.  The backup is especially important during any emergency situation when first responders are already at work.

4.  Pets - Pets wandering around the house and coming across a sensor can set off a false alarm.

5. Failing to secure windows and doors properly - When windows or doors are left open or are in poor repair, even wind and rain can set off an alarm.

6.  Objects Moving near Sensors - Balloons, curtains, plants can be blown around and set off the the alarm.