Dear Editor,

On November 3, 2015, New Jersey voters will have a chance to elect their representatives to serve them in the Assembly.  We already have two representatives that are looking out for us.  Those people are Patrick Diegnan and Nancy Pinkin.  I can tell you from experience, Patrick and Nancy are true public servants who are leaders in their fields.  Patrick’s knowledge of education issues is second-to-none.  In her very first term in the Assembly, Nancy has distinguished herself among her colleagues in health-related issues.  Together, they have the skills and intelligence that makes them an excellent fit for Middlesex County residents.  I am proud to call them friends.  This November, the choice is clear.  Let’s go out and support Patrick Diegnan and Nancy Pinkin for re-election.  
Bill Neary,
Former Mayor, East Brunswick
One Grove Street
East Brunswick, NJ 08816