EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - An autumn day and a brisk walk to school make a perfect combination.  The New Jersey Department of Transportation and the East Brunswick Police Department remind you to keep your eyes open for our little bears tomorrow morning as they trek to our elementary schools.

October is Walk to School Month and October 5th is the 20th anniversary of Walk to School Day.  Accorinding to a report issued today, the Department of Transportation wants communites to know that it cares about the health and well-being of New Jersey residents, which is what Walk to School Day is all about.

There are so many reasons why this event is special. It helps us all connect with issues communities care about:

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·        It brings community members together.

·        It gives everyone a chance to try or re-discover walking and the easy enjoyment it affords.

·        It focuses on promoting walking and biking and an active lifestyle for all of us, starting with our children.

·        It provides children an opportunity to get the active time that they need every day to be healthy and ready to learn.

·        Walking or bicycling to school also offers children a sense of responsibility and independence.

·        It can help us understand where people would like to be able to walk and where safety problems get in the way.

·        The entire community benefits if there is less traffic congestion because parents don’t have to drive their kids to school.

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Walk to School Day with the kids.  Make it a special day by slowing down and showing a little extra courtesy.