EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Flouride, American Idol and Tree City U.S.A. were all matters discussed at the East Brunswick Township Council meeting Monday night at the municipal building.  

Following an extended budget meeting that ended with the recommendation of Ed Walker for the position of East Brunswick Department Head of the Water and Sewer Utility, the council went on to address various issues also pertaining to water. Walker is a 10-year employee of the department whose appointment was voted on at the meeting.  Mayor David Stahl complimented current Department Head Leigh A. Jones for his "effective public service" to East Brunswick.

Councilwoman Denise Contrino supported a proclamation to declare April 2015         Alcohol Awareness Month in East Brunswick.  Noting that "individuals who begin drinking before age 15 are at a significantly increased risk for dependency," Ms. Contrino praised the ongoing connection between the township and the NCADD. the councilwoman also discussed the Good Samaritan Law as it relates to alcohol and drug use and abuse in New Jersey.  The Councilwoman also cited Rabbi Eric Rabinowitz's appreciation to the early responders to an electric fire at the East Brunswick Jewish Center.

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Mayor David Stahl briefly discussed water and roads, referring the community to the upcoming Planning Board meeting on May 6.  the Mayor also advised the public that Jax, an East Brunswick resident and finalist on Fox's American Idol, will perform a free concert at the EB Playhouse on Friday, May 1 at 5:00 at Playhouse 22 if she is voted into the top 5 finalists on the talent show.  The performance will be preceded by a parade from Heavenly Farms to payhouse 22.  Mayor Stahl encouraged citizens to vote for Jax on Wednesday night to support the performance.  He also thanked the Suburban Bus Company which has donated services to provide transportation to and from the event.

Business Administrator James White noted that he appreciated the "very generous"support of the Arbor Day Celebration by Stop and Shop of East Brunswick.  he also reminded the community that the Recycling Center will host a Shredding Event - for paper products only - on May 2 from 9:00 to 1:00.

During the Public Portion of the meeting, citizens presented opposing views regarding the safety of the flouridation of water in East Brunswick.  Defenders of continued flouridation cited statistics from the American Dental Association and refuted arguements about the negative effects of flouridation as not 'being able to stand up to scientific scrutiny."  The ADA asserts that "it is never to soon to start treating a child's teeth with flouride." Opponents of flouridation claimed that "flouride is a toxic chemical" that is carcinogenic and causes depression and exacerbates hypothyroidism.  A report by health advocate Erin Brocovich was cited as being against "dispensing medication" in our water.  It was also asserted that flouride does "real harm" and affects all races and ages and that it has a disporoportionate negative effect on the African-American community."

Councilman Micahel Spadafino celebrated the work of the East Brunswick Public Library,  which he called the "shining star" of the county library system at a recent meeting of the library directors of Middlesex County.  Councilman Spadafino also praised the Arbor Day celebration held at Central School as a "joyful celebration of trees and nature."  East Brunswick has once again been named a "Tree City, USA." 

Council President Michael Hughes announced that the township's annual Memorial Day celebration will be held at the Municipal Center on Sunday, May 24 at 1:00 pm.  He encouraged residents to acknowledge the military service of their firends and relatives by participating in the Hometown Heroes program.