EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - I am excited to announce my candidacy for a seat on the East Brunswick Board of Education,  I have lived in East Brunswick for nearly 56 years and benefited greatly from our school system, sense of community and amazing citizens.  While growing up in East Brunswick, I participated in little league baseball, community theater and many civic activities.  As a young adult, I was involved with children’s theater, as well as several youth volunteer counselor opportunities.


As an adult, I am the parent of 5 children comprised of 11 year old twin boys, 13 year old son, 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son, all of whom attend the schools in East Brunswick.  I am employed with Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor with an office at Tower Center in East Brunswick. My wife, Dana, also  raised in East Brunswick, is an organizer of the grass roots “EB for safe schools,” past PTA member, and has adopted a class of New Brunswick Elementary students, providing them with hand knitted hats and gloves as well as gently used coats for the colder months.  Her family is actively involved with AAMDS, a not – for profit organization addressing bone marrow failure research. Our family lives on a 4 acre farm in East Brunswick where we raise chickens and two dogs.  We believe that we are teaching our children responsibility and respect of nature and the true beauty of the meaning of life.


I am the sitting President of the East Brunswick Arts Commission, participated on the current Mayor’s transition team, community member of the East Brunswick Re-development committee, coached youth basketball and flag football, musician and amateur furniture artist.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from The College of New Jersey (formally Trenton State College) and credits toward an MBA.

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My purpose of seeking a seat is based on the values of my upbringing and the love and hope for my community.  Both of my parents were career educators.  My mother taught health as a registered nurse in Middletown Township.  My father rose to department supervisor of History and Social Studies for the Freehold Regional District.  Additionally, my father was among the original teachers, opening the East Brunswick High School in 1957 and the first teacher advisor to the high school year book.


My purpose of seeking a position with the board of education is to apply a new set of eyes to a very tenured current board. Combining my financial and analytical background, I intend to offer effective initiatives that direct tax dollars to be utilized with greater impact.  I will encourage the Board look at the bigger picture, taking into account the changing demographics of our community, specifically addressing the 10+ percent decrease in student population in the last 10 years.


East Brunswick is at a critical crossroad and is now faced with some very tough decisions to preserve our amazing township.  With 62% of property tax money going to the educational system, we should be very mindful of how we proceed.  It is also my belief that no decision from our board should ever be based on personal impact and bias of any individual.  Instead, we must act responsibly and serve our customers, the students.  They are our future and it is this boards task to clear the way effectively and prudently.


Please feel free to reach out to me via email at Jeffwinstoneastbrunswick@gmail.com or by phone 407-404-1830.