Dear Editor,

The East Brunswick Human Relations Council strongly condemns this tragic loss of life. We are outraged by this senseless tragedy. Our hearts are with the family and friends of George Floyd.
No one should ever feel fear in their everyday lives due to prejudice, intolerance or hatred. No one should ever be afraid of being targeted. What happened to Mr. Floyd should not have happened and must never happen again.

This action against a black man by this police officer, resulting in the death of George Floyd, is inexcusable and must not be tolerated. This goes against everything we stand for as a country that is committed to freedom. The police are trained to protect, sworn to serve and should set an example of right and wrong. We understand that this police officer’s actions are not indicative of the behavior of all police, but this does not make it any more tolerable.

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The East Brunswick Human Relations Council will continue to facilitate an open dialogue in the hope of helping to heal and bring about change. We want to acknowledge all of the officers that are standing with the protesters to help with the healing.

We urge everyone to come together and to speak out against hatred and bigotry in any form. We urge everyone to be understanding of and compassionate to others so that we may work toward healing the pain felt by so many. Only by remaining united can we achieve the goal of a fairer, kinder, more just and peaceful world.

Erum Shakir Chair

Paula Walcott-Quintin Vice Chair

Hollie Cerame     Susanna Chiu
Louis Figueroa    Matthew Korten
Elayne Risley      Nikil Sadaranganey
Dovey Sawhney-Gill      Frank Shen
Nusrat Sohail