Dear TAP Readers,

Last month members of the public requested that the East Brunswick Board of Education consider a resolution to oppose the state's proposal of using the PARCC test as a high school graduation requirement.  Our BOE would be in good company if it passes this resolution, joining 11 other districts around the state, including Highland Park and Princeton.

Members of the East Brunswick BOE have spoken on the record expressing their concerns about the PARCC test, and the overuse of standardized tests in our schools.  The proposed resolution formalizes some of these concerns related to high school seniors taking an unvalidated test as a requirement to receive their diploma.

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Some question the value of a resolution such as this - whether it will make a difference.  Last year parents and educators voiced our concerns about PARCC. Collectively our actions resulted in the reduction of the testing time for PARCC and a bill, signed into law, that ensures districts cannot lose funding for high rates of PARCC refusals.

These were major victories brought about by collective action.  When a BOE takes a stand against PARCC, it is an important piece of collective action.  In our democracy we say that every vote counts, and so does every action taken by a Board of Education.

Whether the resolution passes or not, parents deserve to know where the members of the Board stand on this issue.  So I urge the East Brunswick BOE, place the resolution on the agenda for May 12th and call the vote.

Deborah Cornavaca