EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Growth. Redevelopment. Business initiatives. Open space. Transportation Center.  Chamber of Commerce.  There's a good deal going on in town lately, and East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen wants you to know all about it.  He's even going live on Facebook to let the community know what's in the works for a revitalized East Brunswick.

In July 11 at 7:00 pm, Mayor Cohen will appear on the Township Facebook Page in the first of his online discussions with residents via social media.  All participants have to do is click on the Facebook page and follow along.  The program will last about a half hour.

For this initial contact, Cohen will make a brief presentation of the township's redevelopment plan.  Viewers may watch the program and comment or ask questions as it goes along.  Following his remarks, Cohen will answer questions about redevelopment.

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Jonathan Sternesky, East Brunswick's Economic Development Officer, said, "It's is the mayor's desire for people to be well-informed and to clear up any misconceptions that people may have about redevelopment.  Each online presentation will focus on a single issue.  this time it's the redevelopment plan.

In an effort to remained focused on the central issue of each online meeting, the mayor will respond only to questions pertinent to the topic at hand. Participants are reminded to follow the guidelines of polite public discourse.  Offensive language or personal attacks will be removed from the page.  "Mayor Cohen wants to get our message out," said Sternesky, acknowledging the impropriety that sometimes exists on the internet.  "He is confident that once residents hear of the township's plan for redevelopment, they will be in favor of it."

The Facebook outreach is part of the township administration's efforts to engage and inform the community.  Recently, presentations by Superintendent Victor Valeski, Parks and Recreation Director Mike Reissner, and Township Administrator Joe Criscuolo at Playhouse 22 have provided information to residents about township initiatives, taxes and financing, and the availability of programs.

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