EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - One of the greatest assets we have here in East Brunswick is the diversity and talent of our residents. With this in mind, I am calling upon those among us with the time and expertise to volunteer in either of two very important areas.

First, with the township focused on trying to determine the shape and form of Redevelopment, it is important that we create a clear and concise message and brand for the township. We have embarked on a website. We have continued to see shifts in our demographics and we are forced to deal with Development/Redevelopment as it relates to our master plan. I am looking for volunteers with training and experience in the advertising/marketing field to help us develop a brand, message and logo that captures the essence of what it means to be a proud resident of East Brunswick. This group will help the township select and work with marketing professionals that will be needed for this project.

The second request is for volunteers to help the year-old Beautification Committee. The subcommittee responsible for roadways is seeking help from residents willing to get their hands dirty! Volunteers will be planting flowers near the welcome signs at township borders and helping with cleanup projects on roads and in parks. In addition, the township will be taking control of county medians on Cranbury Road, Summerhill Road, and Ryders Lane. The same volunteers will be designing landscape segments that can be sold to merchants in a format similar to Adopt-a-Highway programs done elsewhere. We will need help with design, marketing and sales.

Anyone who is interested in helping in either of these areas should contact the Mayor at 732-390-6810 or mayor@eastbrunswick.org.