MILLTOWN, NJ - Residents may have noticed the Milltown Police Department sporting a new look of late. The new look was unveiled via a press release that was sent out by the Milltown PD on Monday, April 24.

"As modern policing continues to evolve and new equipment becomes available," Milltown Police Chief Brian Knelle said. "Our officers are keeping up with the new safety trends found in law enforcement."

A change residents may have already picked up on are the outer vests that officers are sporting. The vest carriers allow officers to attach equipment, which would have otherwise been worn around the waist and lower torso. This simple change allows the heavy equipment to be more evenly distributed throughout the upper body. In the event of an injury, the outer vest can be quickly removed by medical personnel, making for quicker treatment.

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Milltown officers aren't the only ones showing off a more efficient style. Police vehicles have also received a makeover.

"We are also happy to introduce our new patrol vehicle design," Knelle continued. "This updated design presents a higher visibility image along with a streamlined appearance. Our dedicated officers are always working hard for you and our borough. We are committed to working together for a safer Milltown."

While law enforcement in Milltown dates all the way back to 1860s, the Milltown Police Department didn't officially open its doors until December 9, 1946. The Milltown PD was formally put into place by Mayor Walter Richter. William Miller began his tenure at Milltown's first police chief on that date. Miller was previously a a part-time special officer and served as chief until 1957. Initially the department only had two officers patrolling the borough.

Today, the Milltown Police Department boasts a team of 16 officers. Knelle began his career with the Milltown Police Department as a patrolman before being sworn in as police chief on March 20, 2017.