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Neighbor-NOT-Invader on Fern Road Water Tower

The trouble with towers. Credits: Verizon Communications Logo

Dear Editor:

Something is happening in East Brunswick. A neighborhood is being invaded. Laws are being followed. Maybe deals being made. All is progressing according to procedure. But why do those in the neighborhood feel like leaves in the street during a downpour? First, we slowly float en masse. Then, with nothing to adhere to, rush into the abyss. The abyss is Verizon engulfing our neighborhood with full service.….great!…..but apparently they do so by requesting variances, relentlessly appealing decisions against them, and building over people’s homes, schools and parks in the name of no gap.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 specifies colocation. So where Verizon goes, so go the rest. I love my cellphone and computer. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors. What I resent is big business invading my home, invited for Township profit. The telecom companies ignore the zoning laws “for our benefit”, while they compete for the Holy Grail of 5G. It’s happening repeatedly across the country. Now it’s happening in East Brunswick on the Fern Road water tower, and other Township locations. 

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Verizon wants to attach 12 antennas right over people’s homes, 95 feet up, adjacent to the Fairgrounds, 4H Center and near a nursery school. Because of colocation, it's only a matter of time before other carriers request space.  I say, “Put up your antennas! Just move them into a more open space in the same general area.”

Antennas mounted below 200 ft. don’t require FCC registration. The FCC doesn’t monitor the antennas. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection stopped routine testing for radiation levels years ago. On Oct. 2, 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that, "1 in 10 cell towers violate RF radiation safety rules". Since 1996, antennas have proliferated exponentially. Yet, the governing law has not been updated. Many feel it gives the telecom companies a distinct advantage over citizenry.

So who is the watchdog?  Haven't we learned from history that there needs to be checks and balances, not unfettered growth by profit-seeking entities?  So WHAT ARE WE DOING? Every day I ask myself if I should just forget it and go live my life.  I believe in the free market and honest business.  But I also believe we need to ask questions...we MUST ask questions...even when up against a Verizon.

This effort to set up cellular grids is affecting neighborhoods all over town.  If YOU have questions, come to the East Brunswick Municipal Courtroom, located at 1 Jean Walling Civic Center Drive, 8PM, this Thursday, July 21, Zoning Board Meeting.

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