NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — Just the excuse you need to make that espresso a double.

Hidden Grounds, the popular coffeeshop with two locations on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, plans to donate 100 percent of its profits over the next week to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. The coffee retailer announced the move today, complementing the tall order with a GoFundMe page through which customers can make their own contributions.

“As a company, we feel so compelled to help out the victims of the devastating Hurricane Harvey that struck in the heart of Houston,” the coffeeshop and its co-owner Anand Patel wrote online. “All in all, it's a dire situation in Houston right now and unfortunately, it's not getting as much publicity as it needs!”

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But Hidden Grounds doesn't intend to give the money to a nonprofit. Instead, the company wrote, it will donate the funds directly to “families who need this really badly.”

Hidden Grounds noted that now is when victims of such natural disasters most need help. The company claimed that federal dollars could be slow to reach victims.

“Unfortunately, for a lot of these families, there is no other option but to pay for all of the work themselves since they want to stop the mold from growing,” Patel wrote online.

Hidden Grounds plans to donate all profits from tomorrow, Sept. 6, through Sept. 13. The business will post a receipt of the donations—and it has already committed $500 to the GoFundMe campaign.

Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and parts of Louisiana last week, booting millions from their homes and killing at least 60 people. The storm could cost “tens of billions” of dollars, according to reports.

In New Jersey, many businesses, organizations and individuals have jumped to support the victims. That could be, in part, because the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in 2012 remains fresh in their memory.