EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ –   Welcome To East Brunswick.com, a newly launched East Brunswick-based welcoming service that connects new homeowners with local businesses via a free Welcoming Kit, isn’t your grandmother’s welcoming service, but the company’s founders say their mission is to bring back a measure of old-fashion community goodwill and neighborhood hospitality by harnessing the power of personalized visits, and combining it with the latest in digital technology via their website: WelcomeToEastBrunswick.com.
“There is something really special about being welcomed to the neighborhood as soon as you’ve arrived,” says longtime East Brunswick resident Marla Cukor-Camins, who along with her husband Steven Camins, founded the feel-good start-up this summer. “We feel privileged and lucky that with our new company, we can deliver a small measure of comfort and happiness to all the new movers in town.”
Headquartered in East Brunswick’s Williamsburg Commons, Welcome To East Brunswick.com greets new homeowners at their home and gives them a free Welcoming Kit filled with info about the town, community resources and valuable gift certificates from local businesses looking to connect with them.
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“Moving to a new town, being a stranger in a strange land, it’s challenging,” says Cukor-Camins, who was a journalist for nearly 20 years before transitioning into the marketing arena. “Whether you’ve moved across the globe or across the state, once you finish unpacking, you’re still going to need help figuring out the logistics of the rest of your life.”
That’s where Welcome To East Brunswick.com comes in. Since its launch, the company has greeted homeowners who’ve relocated from as far away as England and Egypt, to more “local” transplants from all across America and New Jersey.
The company has already partnered with nearly a dozen local businesses in diverse industries such as home services, financial services, retail, child care and personal care. “These business are completely different but they have one thing in common,” says Cukor-Camins. “They want to connect with new homeowners. ”
The Camins say that they’ve been overwhelmed by the encouragement they’ve received from the business and local community since launching their start-up.

“Everyone has been incredibly supportive. The Mayor, the town council and the Department of Recreation have all been amazing, and people in general seem to really like the idea of welcoming others to town,” says Cukor-Camins. “We are very grateful and feel honored to have so much support behind us.”
A local business owner himself (Camins has owned East Brunswick’s Drama Salon for over 20 years), Camins says he believes that working cooperatively with businesses across town is the best way to help the town thrive and compete in today’s challenging economic times.
“Every small business has a stake in each other’s success,” he says. “By working together we help make each other stronger.”
Cukor-Camins hopes that Welcome To East Brunswick.com will not only make a significant impact on the lives of new movers, it will help the businesses who are participating in their Welcoming Kit grow their businesses, as well as create an overall positive economic impact on the town.
“We think East Brunswick is an amazing town and a terrific place to live. We’ve made it our home for over 20 years and we want to ensure that our kids and their kids can enjoy life here, too,” says Camins-Cukor. “If our company has some small stake in helping East Brunswick thrive, it will make us very proud.”
For more information or photo requests, call (732) 725-7709, email Welcometoeastbrunswick@gmail.com or visit WelcomeToEastBrunswick.com

Founded in August 2015, Welcome To East Brunswick.com is an innovative integrated marketing company that connects new homeowners in East Brunswick with local businesses who want to reach out to them via free, personalized Welcoming Kits delivered to their door. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife team of Marla and Steven Camins, both longtime East Brunswick residents.