EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Just when the temperature is perfect.  Just when the rip-tides die down. Just when there the most absolutely perfect Jersey tomatoes at the farmer's market.  It's time to start thinking "back to school."

According to Board fo Education President Todd Simmens, the East Brunswick BOE held its "last meeting of the summer" this week.  Superintendent Dr. Victor Valeski, pleased with repair work, training, and instruction during the summer, is ready to roll out the new year.  At this week's meeting, Valeski cited the following "BTS" (Back to School) information:

  • The East Brunswick Public Schools hired 150 new employees this summer, including 70 new certificated staff members.  Valeski said that the new teachers and their mentors were ready to make sure that "every student can achieve greatness."  
  • Teachers and 10-month staff return to work on Friday, September 1.  Students begin school on Wednesday, September 6.
  • Parents are advised that there will be no traditional BTS letter in the mail, as the district is moving toward a paperless format.  All notices will be posted on the Parent Portal of the district website.  (If a parent requests a paper mailing from a school office, it will be sent.)
  • All bus information and bus passes for the 2017-18 school year will be posted on line after 5:00 pm on Monday, August 28.
  • All information about sports schedules, practices, and games are already up on the district website.
  • Several buildings have undergone construction or rehabilitation in the areas of walkways, HVAC, roofing, and heating.
  • All security has been upgraded in the district.  (No details were provided for security reasons.)
  • The district is in the process of "reclaiming" all stages for the use of student performances.  Curtains will be replaced or repaired.  Aesthetics will be improved.  Theatrical lighting and sound will be upgraded.  Stages will no longer be unusable storage spaces.
  • The Superintendent also celebrated the achievements of the Hammarskjold Summer Academy.

Oy!  Back to school.. Get your SUV ready for car-pooling.  Grab those school supplies while they are on sale.  Life will go back to normal pretty soon.