EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Crews from both PSE&G as well as JCP&L continued to work into the evening to rectify ongoing outages, as East Brunswick and surrounding communities were pounded early by snow, and then further battered by sleet and ice throughout the late morning and early afternoon. Mother Nature showed no signs of letting up on her rampage through Central New Jersey this winter with this latest winter blast.

Areas south of Cranbury Road in the areas serviced by JCP&L were some of the earliest in the area to report outages, and as the ice intensified, so did the increase in outages throughout the region.  Spotswood was especially hard hit, with a majority of the community having no power for significant periods of the day and evening.  Having temperatures rise above freezing for a few afternoon hours helped workers gain a bit of an upper hand on things, and as darkness fell, most of the areas affected by the losses had their power restored. 

With temperatures dropping this evening however, it was expected that some additional outages would occur.

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Township officials urge all residents to immediately contact their utility companies should they have a need to report an outage.