Old Bridge Councilman Mark Razzoli is calling on his opponent  Bonnie Watson Coleman to defend her New Jersey colleague Congressman Chris Smith and support him against threats from the Chinese Communist Government.
The Chinese Communist Government through its propaganda arm The Global Times  threatened Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey, along with other American officials who are seeking to legally empower victims of the COVID-19 pandemic to bring lawsuits in U.S. courts against the Chinese Communist government.

“We should all join together as Americans to support Congressman Smith. It is unconscionable that a foreign government would intervene in our affairs by threatening a sitting Congressman,” said Razzoli, “What’s even more shocking is that Bonnie Watson Coleman has remained silent in the face of this ominous threat.”
“I call on Bonnie Watson-Coleman to sponsor a boycott, divestment and sanctions against the Chinese Communist Government similar to what her Squad allies sponsored against Israel,” said Razzoli.

Mark Razzoli is the presumptive Republican nominee for House of Representatives in New Jersey’s Twelfth Congressional District. A retired Jersey City Police Detective, he represents Old Bridge’s Fourth Ward on the Old Bridge Township Council.

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