WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) released the following statement regarding the resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price:


“Beginning with his nomination, Secretary Tom Price was unfit and unqualified to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Accusations of insider trading and his insistence on stripping healthcare from 30 million Americans should have been disqualifying enough. However, the latest controversy over his more than $1 million of wasteful and abusive travel expenses in just 8 months was the final straw.


It should be unacceptable in and of itself when public officials violate public trust – as Sec. Price has done on several occasions - but that does not appear to be the concern of this President, who himself disregards the public trust in an increasingly brazen fashion. Given these facts, it can be deduced that Sec. Price lost his job because he embarrassed the President, not because he committed malpractice.

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This problem is a result of the unchecked abuses of a President who has set a tone of defiance and disregard for transparency. If President Trump thumbs his nose at conflicts of interest and rule of law, it is no surprise his appointees feel the same.


His resignation should not excuse Sec. Price from reimbursing American taxpayers and I’m glad that Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are pursuing answers on these issues within the entire Administration.”