EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The ongoing construction at the Exit 9 Interchange of the New Jersey Turnpike enters its next phase on Dec. 13. 

Starting Friday night and lasting for approximately the next year, Route 18 Northbound will be reduced to two lanes from three as work continues on the shifting of the highway to accommodate more exit and entrance lanes for the Turnpike. 

The long range plan will be to have two lanes entering the Turnpike from Route 18 Northbound, while also having two lanes merging from the Exit 9 Interchange onto Route 18 Southbound.  As has been previously reported, this has also cause inconvenience to the homeowners on Westons Mill Road in Lawrence Brook, and East Brunswick Township and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority have entered into an agreement to build a sound barrier in front of Westons Mill Road to reduce the noise emanating from the expanded interchange.  The discussions on finalizing this plan are still ongoing.