SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - On Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, South Brunswick police and first aid squads responded to
two carbon monoxide leaks due to overrun generators. Improper use of generators is common
during a storm when residents lose power, as many did during Hurricane Isaias, say police.

A 61-year-old woman and her 9-year-old granddaughter were hospitalized due to a carbon
monoxide leak from a generator being used by their next door neighbor. They were both transported to Princeton Medical
Center by the Kendall Park First Aid Squad. Their conditions are still unknown according to a press release
from the South Brunswick Police Department.
Officers were called to the home on Robin Road in Monmouth Junction at 10:55PM for a possible heart attack. Officers soon realized that the woman was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and evacuated the house. An official with the
Kendall Park Fire Department reported that the carbon monoxide level in the house was at 350
parts per million, which he called a lethal amount.
The officer got to the home in three minutes and as soon as he got there, he heard the
noise of the running generator,; said Deputy Police Chief James Ryan in a press release, "It was
right outside the home. It had been placed by the back door, but it was right under an open
window, so the exhaust was coming back into the home. The fumes were still pouring into the
Hours earlier, authorities responded to a carbon monoxide detector going off on Blue Jay
Court. Authorities report that the house had a carbon monoxide reading of 70 parts per million while 
the homeowner was running the generator from their garage.
Kendall Park Fire Chief Chris Perez advises residents to make sure any working generator is at
least ten to fifteen feet away from a home, in a well-ventilated space and not running in an
enclosed area of any kind.
The township is still cleaning up the damage from Hurricane Isaias, as of 5 PM 1,800
South Brunswick homes are still without power and multiple roads and traffic lights are still
inoperable. PSEG has indicated to township authorities that it might take a few days for all
power to be restored to some South Brunswick homes.