EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen has launched the Shop East Brunswick program through his new Office of Economic Development. The first component of the Shop East Brunswick program is a Property Tax Rebate Card that will benefit both shoppers and merchants. Although the program will officially kick off on June 1, the Property Tax Cards are currently available to be picked up at Town Hall, the Public Library, the Senior Center, or the Recreation Building.

Cards will also be available on at the East Brunswick Festival on June 3.

The card offers a small rebate on purchases at participating businesses. These rebates will be tallied up throughout the year and applied to your property taxes. The more often you shop local, the more you will be able to save on your taxes.

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The program will be available to renters and nonresidents, as well. The only difference is that they will receive their rebate as a check, rather than as a reduction to their taxes.  


“Property tax relief and business development are two of the most common things I hear around town. Fortunately, we were able to bring forward a program that will address the two issues in tandem. The more we spend at our local establishments, the more relief a resident can earn. It’s the perfect synergy for building a community and kicking off the Shop EB initiative,” announced Mayor Cohen. 


Once a resident has received their card, they can register at www.PropertyTaxCard.com/ShopEastBrunswick and clicking the “Register” tab. The program can only attach one card per household.


Any businesses, contractors, or shop owners in town who wish to participate need only reach out to Jonathan Sternesky in the Office of Economic Development at (732) 390-6810 to learn more.

Shop East Brunswick- Property Tax Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Property Tax Card?
    • The Property Tax Card is a rebate program that applies savings made while shopping at participating establishments to your property taxes.


  • What if I don’t own a home in town?
    • Renters and nonresidents who work or shop in town often are also encouraged to participate and will receive a yearly rebate check instead of a tax reduction.


  • I have received my card, now what?
    • Go to https://www.propertytaxcard.com/ShopEastBrunswick/login and follow the prompts to register.


  • How do I know which businesses are participating?
    • There is a list online with their locations. Participating businesses will also display a window cling that announces their participation.


  • How do I know how much each business is returning to me as a rebate?
    • The percentages are listed on the website.


  • What if I am shopping and realize I left my card at home?
    • When registering, you were asked to provide a phone number. That phone number can be entered by the merchant to receive the savings as well.


  • What if I lose my card?
    • You can continue to shop & receive the benefit by using your phone number.


  • Can my spouse and I each have our own cards?
    • No. Only one card may be applied per household. Make sure you both know the phone number on record, as merchants can access your account using the number on file.


  • How will I be notified of the credit on my tax bill?
    • You can check your account online.


  • How do I recommend a merchant I frequent sign up?
    • Mention the program to the merchant and then forward their business name, person to contact and phone number to Jonathan Sternesky in the Economic Development Office at (732)390-6810.


  • Who is this program meant for?
    • This program is meant for anyone who shops in East Brunswick or anyone who wishes to be an active, frequent supporter of our local businesses.

      Shop East Brunswick- Property Tax Cards

      Participating Businesses

      (As of May 18, 2017)


    • Food and Restaurants
      • The Colonial Diner
      • Bella La Pizzeria
      • East Brunswick Chinese
      • Stefano’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
      • JSBBQ & Catering
      • Ibby’s Mediterranean Cuisine 
    • Wellness and Fitness
      • Max Fitness Challenge of East Brunswick
      • East Brunswick Jazzercize

    • Professional Services
      • Lifetyme Photo and Video
      • Knox Grove Financial
      • Total Party
      • Tekniques Salon
      • Chiron Films
      • A Cut Above

    • Home Improvement
      • Brunswick Design
      • 18 Lumber Company
      • L’UNICO Kitchen & Bath

    • Automotive Sales and Services
      • Open Road Acura
      • Open Road Mazda

    • Miscellaneous
      • Varsity Summer Academy
      • Christy’s Floral
      • Lexington Pharmacy
      • Malkin’s Functional Footwear        
      • Rues Lane Liquors
      • Windsor Pharmacy