EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - He asked for input.  He got it.  The township responded to it.

In response to communications from residents about safety on some roads on the western side of town, Mayor Brad Cohen sent a letter to residents of East Brunswick to advise of upcoming changes to increase driver safety on Fresh Ponds Road, Church Lane, and Riva Avenue.  The notice references issues including the speed of vehicular traffic, accidents, and unsafe driving.

Following a Comprehensive Engineering and Traffic Evaluation by the township's Engineering Department which provides guidelines for consistent with statewide transportation models, some changes will be implemented. 

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According to the report released by Greg Potulski, Director of Planning and Engineering, 45 accidents have been reported on Fresh Ponds Road over the past three-year period, with 30 of them taking place at the intersection of Church Lane and Fresh Ponds. This location is especially dangerous, asserts the study, due to the lack of shoulder on the road and the "proximity of roadside hazards."  The current speed limit of 40 MPH makes it too difficult to stop at this corner.

There have been a total of 56 accidents in three years on Church Lane, a number which includes the intersection accidents. Similarly, there have been a total of 41 accidents on Riva Avenue during the same period.

As a result, speed limits will be reduced on the following roads:

1. Church Lane - The speed limit will be reduced from 45 to 35 mph.

2.  Fresh Ponds Road - The speed limit will be reduced from 40 to 35 mph.

3.  Riva Avenue - The speed limit will be reduced from 40 to 30 mph

Due to the number of accidents at the intersection of Fresh Ponds Road and Church Lane, says Cohen, the current flashing light will be replaced with a "fully upgraded signal" in 2019.