East Brunswick, NJ, September 12, 2013 – After Barnes and Diegnan failed to deliver tax relief to middle-class families before their summer vacation, Senate challenger David Stahl and his running mates Rob Bengivenga and Lisa Goldhamer say taxpayers have waited long enough for relief.

            As the Mayor of East Brunswick, David Stahl worked with both parties to cut spending and lower property taxes. Stahl says middle-class families shouldn’t have to wait until the Election is over for the tax relief they deserve.     

“It’s still isn’t too late for Barnes to end his partisan roadblock to tax relief and show that he can learn from our bi-partisan success in East Brunswick,” said Stahl.  “It’s time for him to take a break from his 17 year streak of raising taxes and begin fixing the affordability crisis he created in Trenton by passing Governor Christie’s 10% property tax relief proposal.”   

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Since Pat Diegnan was elected to the Assembly, he has voted for over 115 tax and fee increases. While he accumulated more politically appointed paychecks, he made residents pay more to fuel their cars, provide health insurance to their families and even turn on the air conditioning in their homes.

“Diegnan has been feeding at the trough for his entire political career,” said Bengivenga, a Councilman in South Plainfield who was successful in cutting property taxes in his hometown. “After making $2.3 million off of taxpayers, the least Diegnan can do is thank them by standing with fellow Democrats who have come out to support the Governor’s middle-class tax cut.”

Assembly candidates Rob Bengivenga and Lisa Goldhamer says that while Pinkin built a career as a lobbyist vocally advocating for big corporations and delivering the votes for tax increases in Trenton, she continues to duck the issue of property tax relief in this campaign.

“Pinkin has spent years attending cocktail parties and expensive dinners with Trenton politicians to get them to vote for her clients,” said Goldhamer, a mother of two and long-time Edison resident. “If she truly cared about middle-class taxpayers, she would fight for them just as hard as she fought for multi-million dollar corporations and get her running mates to vote today to lower taxes. Instead she has avoided the issue of property taxes like the plague and refuses to support Governor Christie’s efforts to help middle-class families.”