EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The stars turned out for the opening of the East Brunswick Democratic Organization's new campaign office in Lexington Village on Monday night.   John Wizniewski along with Middlesex County Sheriff Mildred Scott, Assembly Members Nancy Pinkin and Robert Karabinchak, Freeholders Blanquita Valenti, Charlie Kenny and Ken Armwood, EB Democratic Chair David Lonski, and Senator Pat Diegnan were all there to give local, "foundational" Democratic candidates a boost.

Democratic County Chair Kevin McCabe stated that "We've got the brains and the energy.  It's a good ticket from top to bottom."  McCabe, who was joined by Beatice Moskowitz, expressed confidence in the Democratic ticket with East Brunswick's Council and Mayor at its foundation at the "bottom of the B line" to Hillary Clinton, the party's nominee for president, at the top.  "We are entering a period of devisiveness like that which existed between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton."  McCabe added, " Any Republican who has not disavowed Donald Trump, now owns him."

The focus of the evening was the campaign for the election of Dr. Brad Cohen as EB mayor and Sterley Stanley as Council Member.  Michael Spadafino is also seeking re-relection to the Council. "I am the last person on the list.  Start from the bottom of the list and check all the way up the rest of the list to Hillary," said Stanley. Current mayor Kevin McEvoy stated, "If you are a Democrat, it is time to step up."  Senator Patrick Diegnan warned of a Republican strategy to "repress the vote" and keep people from the polls.

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Mayoral candidate Brad Cohen said, "We need a really big win here," circling back to the evening's press for high attendance on election day which generally favors Democrats nationally.  Cohen also stressed America's history of adaptability when referring to the myraid problems that are faced in East Brunswick, Middlesex County, and New Jersey.  "We have to learn how to adapt."

McCabe, Lonski, and Spadafino collectively stressed the idea that "it is not enough to get elected; it is essential to get things done."  Spadafino said, "We have to show both initiative and execution." He went on to praise the amount of outreach and focus shown by McEvoy, who will have held the mayoralty for ten months come November.

Described as the "Jewel of Middlesex County," a "weathervane that will help keep Middlesex County bluer than blue," and "perfectly situated for an economic boom," by Democratic officials, East Brunswick, and the upcoming elections here, took on a special importance.  "At the end of the day, we need to deliver, " said Cohen.  "We can be a better version of what we are today with the right leadership.  It's all problem-solving."