WOODBRIDGE, NJ - New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan today released the following statement in support of the COVID-19 Budget Recovery Bond Act.  The legislation would authorize the state to borrow federal funds to help fill the significant revenue holes that will be left behind in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The disastrous financial impact of this unprecedented global pandemic will be felt by people all over New Jersey.  If decisive action isn’t taken to help overcome the significant loss of revenue the state is surely going to be confronted with then the fiscal pain will be felt in our classrooms, our storefronts and in each and every one of our homes.  But history has shown that members of law enforcement will be among the first to be asked to sacrifice, and that is simply unacceptable, particularly when there is a potential solution in the form of this legislation.”

“Our members have seen the death and destruction caused by COVID-19 first-hand, and they still show up every day and run towards that danger.  They do that not just because it is their job, but because it is the responsibility they signed up for when they took the oath.  The other side to this agreement is that our members receive their just compensation and not be fed to the news cycle when it becomes time to create a fiscal boogeyman as they have in the past.” 

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“So, today, I am strongly endorsing the COVID-19 Budget Recovery Bond Act because it will eliminate the need for politicians to make law enforcement the villain in the coming narrative about revenue holes and budget shortfalls.  Right now, people are appreciative of the work our members do every day to keep our streets and our neighborhoods safe, but we have seen in the recent past what happens when the threat subsides and difficult financial decisions need to be made.” 

“Providing the State the ability to borrow federal funds with strong oversight is critically important as we all begin to look over the horizon towards what will certainly be one of the most bleak financial periods in New Jersey history.  Refusing to put this mechanism in place would be a serious misstep that will have long-term, far-reaching consequences for not just every member of law enforcement, but also every New Jersey resident.”