PERTH AMBOY, NJ-  Middlesex County Freeholder candidate Rich Castaldo released the following statement calling out the Middlesex County Freeholder Board over their hypocrisy in regards to equal pay for equal work.  The Middlesex County Freeholder Board is currently involved with legislation against a former county golf manager for paying her significantly less than her male counterparts despite doing the same job and having more seniority.  The female golf course manager made $61,826 while her male colleagues made $90,462 and $88,428 and also received a $3,000 car allowance, which she was never offered.

Castaldo Stated:

“The ongoing legislation with the Freeholder board and a former county employee is appalling.  As Democrats both nationally and in Middlesex County lecture about ‘equal pay for equal work’, the Middlesex County Freeholder Board oversaw a clear-cut example of a female employee making substantially less than her male counterparts and did nothing about it.  To add insult to injury, instead of honorably settling the case, they are dragging out litigation, imposing additional costs on taxpayers.  Unless and until they settle this case and publicly apologize the County Freeholder has no standing to talk about woman’s equality or ‘equal pay for equal work’. 

As the son of a single mom, I know first hand that women work as hard and often harder than their male counterparts.  If elected I will work tirelessly to demand female employees make the same amount as their male counterparts.  The current Freeholder Board has failed in this regard”