EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - East Brunswick’s Drama Salon is finally reopened for business. After three months of being closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the salon opened its doors on Tuesday, June 23. Regulars will be able to get their hair cut and styled once again - albeit with new restrictions.

Owner Steven Camins has made many adjustments to the way that Drama Salon operates in order to accommodate for changing conditions. Both stylists and customers are required to wear masks, and customers are required to take their own temperature 24 hours before their scheduled appointments to ensure that they are not sick. These new measures are a result of Camins’ own observations of how other salons around the country have been operating under COVID-19.

“For us, the most important thing was finding a way to have a safe environment, and that was the most challenging.” said Camins of how he and the staff went about reopening. “Over the last few weeks, we’ve had recommendations from the local government and the CDC on how to open, so it became pretty clear over time what we needed to do.”

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Other measures being taken by Drama Salon include limitations on capacity, with only 20 people allowed in the building at a time despite its max capacity of 94. All equipment used is also heavily sanitized after use. “We have a system of sanitizing,” Camins said on the matter. “Every one of our stylists took a Barbicide course and passed it, including myself. Everything we do in the salon has to do with keeping clean. There’s nothing in the salon that isn’t regularly washed and sanitized”.

Though anti-quarantine protests throughout the country from people who want, among other things, to get their hair done have been common, Camins has said that he has not had to deal with many East Brunswick residents with similar sentiments. Though people did ask him about reopening early in the past, he states that he wants to prioritize the safety of his employees and customers above all else. 

The very first client to get their hair done at Drama Salon after its Tuesday opening was Ursula Gowran, a nurse who has had to deal with COVID-19 cases over the past several months. Camins said that he could think of no one better to start business with, as she’s “one of our heroes” due to her work in healthcare.

Looking to the future of Drama Salon, Camins is optimistic. “I expect business to be good as long as we stay safe and vigilant,” he said. “We do great work, but great work means nothing if we’re not staying safe. And we will.”