EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - On September 26th, fifth-graders at Central and Irwin Elementary Schools participated in "Pitch Day," part of the Passion Project unit in which they identify a passion of theirs and then pitch an idea regarding it to a teacher, principal, or supervisor.

Once a student's project gets a "green light," they can begin researching their passion and creating a project in which they apply their ideas to serving others, furthering their learning, or designing a product.

Each fifth-grader completes the Passion Project over the course of a marking period, with two schools working each quarter.

Some projects being pitched this quarter include a comic book that shows students how to report conflicts and get help, a student-designed habitat to keep bees safe, a study of pencil drawing techniques, and a student-led baseball lesson—but there are quite literally dozens more covering an incredible array of interests and talents.