EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - SAT testing is canceled at East Brunswick High School on Saturday, March 14, as all school buildings are closed for classes and activities at least until Monday, March 16.

The District is working to schedule a make-up at this time; however, those plans are not definite.

  • If students would like to go to another test site on March 14th, they may contact the College Board at 1866-756-7343 to request a transfer.  Placement at an alternate location is not a guarantee, since testing materials have already been shipped to test sites.
  • All students registered for this March 14th administration will be able to take the makeup at EBHS.  However, that date is yet to be firmly scheduled.
  • The College Board will be adding our school to their test center closing list

Students registered at East Brunswick High School will be notified by email and test center closures will be posted on https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register/test-center-closings as available.