EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Today, Sunday October 4, 2020, Superintendent Dr. Victor Valeski sent a letter to the community regarding a reported case of COVID at Hammarskjold Middle School.  Quick self-reporting of a positive COVID case has led to the quarantine of 14 students and nine teachers at the school.

Here is the full text of that letter, sent Sunday, Ocotber 4:

"This morning we completed notification of impacted students and teachers after receiving a self-report of a positive case of COVID-19 with a Hammarskjold Middle School student. In total, 14 students and nine teachers will quarantine for our mandatory 14-day period.

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I want to acknowledge the prompt notification by the impacted family. Their quick action was exactly the response needed to ensure that we can continue to operate all our schools safely. In this case and along with every other one we will have in the future...and undoubtedly we will have more, I pledge our support to our students, their families and our staff...so they may recover quickly and completely, continue to stay connected to their classes and return to school when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your continued vigilance. Colder weather and fewer opportunities to socially distance outside will bring new challenges. Together, let’s continue the practices we have proven to keep ourselves safe."

Additionally, on October 1, Dr. Valeski sent a notice to East Brunswick education stakeholders. This week the East Brunswick Public Schools completed the first month of hybrid instruction necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In his most recent communication to the education community, Superintendent Dr. Victor Valeski noted the achievements of the district staff and students and praised those who came forward to report health issues.  On October 19, parents may reselect the instructional model for their students beginning in the second marking period on November 17.

Here is the full text of his letter, sent Thursday, October 1, 2020:

"After opening our schools and remaining open for the entire month of September, I want to thank the EB community for your resolve and commitment to keeping our student and staff populations safe.  Self reporting of “close contacts”, positive cases of COVID-19 in your families or travel to quarantine states or countries are absolutely critical as we begin planning for the next phase of our recovery.  

As promised in our Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen our Schools, families have the opportunity to reselect the learning model for their child for the second marking period which begins November 17th.  If it helps in your decision-making...during the first month of school we have had one confirmed positive student COVID case and one false positive staff COVID case. Our contact identification and tracing is working. 

As you can see, it is through our collective efforts as a school and community that we are able to achieve such a significant outcome...but our work is far from over.   As we begin to reintroduce more students to schools' populations, our continued vigilance becomes even more important.

I feel confident that we have created a safe environment in EBPS.  If you would like to reselect your child’s learning model, moving from full time remote to hybrid, we are ready to welcome them for face to face instruction.  We are requesting all changes to your child’s learning model selection be completed in the Parent Portal.  A new form allowing your changes will be active the week of October 19th and all forms requesting changes must be completed by the end of the school day, October 26th.  These changes will be effective November 17th.

If you are not making changes to your child’s learning model selection you do not need to complete any form at this time."