EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Mark Carangelo is a candidate for the East Brunswick Board of Education.  BOE candidates are not linked to any particular political party.

Some personal background, including your relationship to the East Brunswick Public Schools, your knowledge of education processes, etc.

I am a 55-year-old, life-long resident of East Brunswick Township. I am a 1982 graduate of East Brunswick High School, and my daughter has also been a student in the district from 1st grade up until her current 9th at Churchill Junior High.

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Your priorities as the district moves forward, especially with regard to the increased implementation of technology for learning

With regard to implementation of technology learning virtually, our district should put priority for students in need of 504/IEP programs. My daughter has a 504 plan which worked wonderfully in class; however, during the pandemic of last Spring, we noticed a major drop-off in her 504 support online. I would like the opportunity to assist in that progression. I do fully understand that the current board was thrust into this situation with no warning, and I commend the board for the great job they are doing, and I would like to add my support. I would also like to support what the board is doing currently for 504 students.

I am also private vocational school owner who has had to adjust to online teaching to adapt to those who have special needs.

As our district moves forward, I would like to see implementation of more home economics in the form of understanding banking/accounting, home management, budgeting, career planning, etc.


Your observations about the hybrid learning plan currently in place during the COVID-19 pandemic

With regard to the hybrid learning plan that our board and superintendent has implemented, I find ti to be fair because the governor’s guidelines have permitted schools and business to be open safely. Providing choices for parents and children alike is paramount and if a family’s choice at this time is to be fully virtual, that is perfectly acceptable as well. With specificity of how are district is conducting hybrid, I am in support of the decision the superintendent has made with the 4 cohorts and students coming in 2 consecutive days per cycle. With regard to the discussions I’ve seen about the ventilation systems and sanitation practices, I have full faith that our superintendent has followed the guidelines presented to him and our schools are safe.


Your views about non-curricular programs and activities and their role in student learning

In response to the non-curricular programs and activities and their role in student learning, I admire our district’s ability to incorporate programs to enhance our children’s ability to advance. Our district has many opportunities for children to vary their experiences, both involving in groups that focus on their keener interests and opportunities to explore something new presented in a positive and caring format. In closing, I think it is important for our children’s growth as they move through the EB educational system.