EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  There was a drive-by on Route 18 of a different sort today, as local first responders from the East Brunswick Police Department and the East Brunswick Fire Districts drove to each of the major supermarkets in town to say thank you to the "frontliners": workers who interact with the public daily during the COVID-19 crisis response.  EB's heroes were expressing gratitude for the checkers, baggers, sweepers, stockers, managers, and drivers who keep the grocery aisles at Aldi, Stop&Shop, Shop-Rite, and Wal-Mart open to the township's residents.  The convoy ended its route at the Robert Wood Johnson Mobile Health Services building on Cranbury Road to thank the ambulance service.

Displaying the township's American flag in front of each location, flying aloft from a fire engine, a long line of emergency vehicles traveled to each location to present the staff and management with a sign that read, "Our community appreciates you.  You are our frontlines supporting COVID-19 response."  At each location, the sign was autographed by Mayor Cohen and Police Chief Frank LoSacco, representatives of the EBFD, and store management.

"Today, members of the East Brunswick Police Department, the three East Brunswick Fire Districts, the East Brunswick Township Administration, and the Robert Wood Johnson Mobile Health Services are paying tribute to the brave employees of our local grocery stores that are keep our families supplied during this difficult time.  This is a very small way to simply say “Thank You” for being there for the community," said Chief LoSacco.