EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Mayor Brad Cohen is ready to begin the actual Redevelopment of East Brunswick.  At the EB Town Council meeting on January 27, while enumerating the many accomplishments of the past year by the various branches of government in the township, Cohen laid out - once again - his "20-20 Vision" for the dramatic change on Route 18 South.

"We are about to hit the gas on the redevelopment of the most important commercial corridor in Middlesex County," Cohen said.  Indeed, a press conference will be held to reveal new details about the construction process tomorrow, February 4 and to sign the Redevelopment Agreement with the developer hired to do the multi-million-dollar project.  In addition to an additional transportation center, the project outlines plans for multi-use community of retail businesses, residences, a hotel, and an indoor hockey/skating rink.

Cohen praised the " extraordinary work ethic" of township employees, in particular that of Director of Finance Angel Albanese and expressed pride in the township's 99% tax collection rate.

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The Mayor cited some statistics that showed engagement in tax-supported township services and other activities that define growth:

*103 new businesses and services opened in the township in 2019.

*300,000 visits were made to the East Brunswick Public Library.

*The EBPL processed 10,000 passports.

*40 township roads will be repaved in 2020, including Old Stage Road. (Riva Avenue and Fern Road will be repaved in 2021.

*10,000 meals were delivered to East Brunswick's Senior citizens.

*Governor Murphy awarded the township $750,000 for a new roof on the Senior Center.

*The Department of Parks and Recreation brought in $3 million in revenue in 2019.

*There is a 3-year wait for a parking space in an East Brunswick parking deck.

*EB has 83 police officers.

*There were 2,200 motor vehicle crashes in the township in 2019.

*98% of alarms in 2019 were false alarms.

The Mayor concluded by stressing the importance of the participation of all stakeholders in the success of the community.  "I have a sense of hope and optimism.  We will all do this with 20-20 vision," said Cohen.