EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  District 18 candidate for Assembly, Jeffrey Brown called for a moratorium on new residential development projects in the towns that make up the 18th district, until municipalities can better find to ways to manage flooding and mitigate flood damage.  There was widespread flash flooding in East Brunswick, Brown’s hometown, and the surrounding communities following strong thunderstorms on Wednesday.

“Today I am calling for a moratorium on new residential development projects in the municipalities that make up the 18th district until our municipalities, Middlesex County and the state can find ways to better handle flooding. I have heard numerous stories of motorists being stranded and people’s cars being destroyed in matter of minutes.  This only adds insult to injury. Our roads are full of potholes and it has become evident that maintaining infrastructure is not the top priority of our elected leaders, “ stated Brown. “It only makes sense to pause construction of new high-density housing projects, until existing infrastructure can be improved, and the danger of flooding can be mitigated.”

About Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown is a successful attorney and small business owner, not a career politician, running for Assembly to stand up to Governor’s Murphy’s radical agenda.  Jeffrey Brown will serve as an independent voice for the residents of District 18 and New Jersey and fight new taxes and regulations on business.