EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ  - East Brunswick currently has 469 positive cases of COVID-19 and has experienced 14 deaths as a result of the virus, according to a town hall meeting on April 27, 2020. The meeting, which was held remotely on ZOOM, aimed to update and educate those in the area about the current state of the pandemic and what measures the township is taking to combat it. The official statement made by the town council emphasized that previous statistics had problems due to the timeliness of information that they received and several other errors, and that the current figure is correct.

Cases of COVID-19 are “evenly distributed” throughout the area, with no particular areas in which it is more widespread. 

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced six principles for reopening - guidelines for what needs to happen before the state is able to reopen. East Brunswick is following those principles, but with one key difference. While state and county parks are currently closed elsewhere, East Brunswick’s public parks will remain open. The council stated that people are free to use them for walking and properly distanced outdoor activities. Today, Governor Murphy announced the reopening of state and county parks as of Saturday, May 2.

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East Brunswick’s economy has been the biggest victim of COVID-19, with revenue from local businesses and the government having been lost due to social distancing measures. Congress is working on a “Smart Act” that aims to help businesses affected by the pandemic, but it has not passed yet. As of now, East Brunswick businesses are on their own.

The town council would also like to remind everyone that despite the current pandemic, taxes are still due on May 1, with a ten-day grace period being offered. EBTV broadcasts will contain updates on the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds.