EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Get ready for some rule enforcement regarding local recycling as the holiday season draws near. The East Brunswick Township Recycling Center advises residents that trash selected for recycling and set out curbside will not be collected if it is placed in plastic bags.  Several announcements and postings have preceded this notice, and the township, in an effort to recycle more effectively, will no longer collect recycling improperly placed out for collection.

According to a township announcement sent out today, recycling materials must be clean, empty and loose in all recycling containers or dumpsters. The resident/business is responsible to provide acceptable recycled materials in this manner.

This applies to all methods of disposal; residential curbside, multi-family containers and the Township Recycling Center.

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No plastic bags are acceptable materials for recycling. Several local supermarkets, including Shop-Rite, Stop and Shop, and Acme accept plastic bags for recycling.

Effective December 2, 2019 material that is placed in plastic bags or with plastic bags will be grounds for rejection and will not be collected.

Plastic bags placed in the recycling stream are not recovered during processing. The bags jam and delay the processing equipment which lead to increased disposal costs or rejection at the material recovery facility.
The resident/business will be responsible to mitigate the source of rejection. The acceptable material may be disposed of at the Township Recycling Center or put out for the next collection date. Plastic bags may be brought back to participating stores that accept plastic bags. 

As a reminder about what is and what is not recyclable in East Brunswick, consider the following:

For Curbside Collection

  • Aluminum and steel cans (empty and rinse)
  • Food and beverage cartons (empty and replace cap)  This includes milk and juice cartons and others of that type.
  • Bottles and jars (empty and rinse)
  • Mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, and flattened cardboard
  • Kitchen, laundry, bath, bottles and containers (empty and replace cap)

NOT for curbside collection

  • Plastic bags
  • Otherwise recyclable items placed in plastic bags
  • No "tanglers" - cords, hoses or chains
  • No bulky items (large plastic items like furniture, toys, buckets, trays, etc.)
  • No clothing or linens (Drop these off at many other locations in the township)
  • No yard waste (except as designated for removal)
  • No foam products including packing materials