EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Mayor Brad Cohen has confirmed today that there are 326 confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in East Brunswick.  Here is a list of today's statistics that might shed some light on the current situation here in New Jersey, Middlesex County, and East Brunswick.

*According to the NJ state website, there are 92,387 people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus in New Jersey.  Remember that only people who have exhibited symptoms and who have a confirmation of those symptoms from their doctors can go to testing centers.  Middlesex County remains among the top five counties in New Jersey to be affected by the virus.

*As of today, there have been 4,753 deaths in New Jersey from COVID-19.  To give a bit of perspective, 1,487 residents of New Jersey died in the Vietnam War over ten years.  704 New Jerseyans died in one day on September 11, 2001. 8,477 citizens of our state died from the Spanish Flu in the fall of 1918.

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*Now, there are 8,767 people from Middlesex County who have tested positive for the virus.  There have been 360 deaths in the county.

*There are 37 residential facilities in Middlesex County which have had outbreaks.  There have been 179 deaths at these facilities, almost half of the deaths in the county.

*In East Brunswick, there have been 14 confirmed cases at the Chelsea on Cranbury Road, but there have been no deaths as a result of the virus.  At Sunrise Assisted Living on 

Summerhill Road, there have been two cases, resulting in 1 death.  At Care One on Cranbury Road, there are currently 36 cases, and 4 patients have died.

According to Mayor Cohen, "Middlesex County is reviewing its 'town-by-town' statistics and will release a full, updated report on Friday."