SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Multiple pizzeria and Italian restaurants in the South Brunswick area have received fraudulent orders of pizza for the Police Department that are never picked up or paid for. The South Brunswick Police Department was able to confirm at least four restaurants have received these fraudulent orders.

            The phone calls are made with a different phone number every time. The caller ID comes up as VOIP (voice over IP), and a voice modulator hides the caller's voice. Workers at these restaurants describe hearing different voices every time a new order was placed under this ID. Multiple orders have been made for the South Brunswick Police Department.

            Cappricio’s, located in Liberty Mall, has been receiving calls like these since January. Recently, the restaurant received an order for 12 large Pizzas online under the name ‘George Lucas’ that was never picked up. They also describe hearing a string of obscenities and comments like ‘I hope you get the Coronavirus’ and ‘Go back to Italy.’ One worker estimates that the restaurant has lost $1,000 from these orders.

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            Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, located on Summerfield Blvd, had similar experiences since the beginning of the pandemic. Workers would receive an order over the phone from VOIP, then get another call 40 minutes later filled with ‘vile language and cursing.’ One worker said that the voice told him ‘I want you guys to lose money.’ Twice this caller has placed orders for the South Brunswick Police Department that were never picked up. They estimate to have lost $1,200 because of this caller.

            This past Thursday, another call was made at Cafe Amici’s for food that was never picked up. Similar racist and profane things were said to one of the workers who was born in Italy. The second time that multiple pizzas were not picked up, the employees decided to donate all of them to the East Brunswick Police Department.

            “We are trying to help out the community and donate a lot of stuff to hospitals and other places, we had all these pies and decided to just bring them to the cops,” one Cafe Amici employee said, “Honestly, it’s terrible that they are wasting the food and stuff but its the racism that bothers me the most.”

            The South Brunswick Police Department is currently investigating the source of these orders. Police Deputy Chief James Ryan has confirmed that the department currently has a suspect, they cannot confirm their identity or their location at this time.