EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - East Brunswick Emergency Services and the Congregation of Young Israel honored Joseph Farkas, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, with a drive-by parade on April 29, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower issued a communiqué over the capture of Dachau concentration camp: “Our forces liberated and mopped up the infamous concentration camp at Dachau. Approximately 32,000 prisoners were liberated; 300 SS camp guards were quickly neutralized.”

A tablet at the camp commemorates the liberation of Dachau by the 42nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Seventh Army on 29 April 1945. Others claim that the first forces to enter the main camp were a battalion of the 157th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Infantry Division commanded by Felix L. Sparks. There is an on-going disagreement as to which division, the 42nd or the 45th, actually liberated Dachau because they seem to have approached by different routes and by the American Army’s definition, anyone arriving at such a camp within 48 hours was a liberator. 

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The Americans found approximately 32,000 prisoners, crammed 1,600 to each of 20 barracks, which had been designed to house 250 people each, according to Jewish Virtual Library, an online resource.

"I am very happy that I have lived to see this.  I appreciate everybody, every second," said Farkas.

His family extended special thanks to Renee Kinel, Officer Tom Cassidy, and all those involved in honoring Mr. Farkas.

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