FLORHAM PARK, NJ- The 2016/2017 Brooklake School Mural Project recently came to a triumphant finish and the students of the elementary school are now greeted every day by the sights and splendor of some Florham Park’s most important and iconic landmarks.

The Brooklake School Climate and Culture Mural Project was the brainchild of school principal, Steven Caponegro and was set up to showcase some of the major landmarks around the town. The murals include resplendent renderings of the Gazebo and the famous Little Red School House that is currently celebrating its sesquicentennial this year.

According to Caponegro, the project is meant to, “add warmth to the school hallways and learning environment, showcase the pillars of character education, and display mathematical curriculum concepts.”

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The school even sports a mural of the American flag with Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words emblazoned upon it. The bedrock of American ideology, these few lines are the perfect reminder of how far this nation has come and gives the leaders of tomorrow a snapshot of the heroes from our past.

While the work was painted by a muralist, the students of the Brooklake Art Club assisted in painting this year’s additions.

Check out the above pictures to see some of the completed project.