Very often it is heard that this  community being is  family or is unified. Whether it comes from Hanover Park’s #wearefamily or Mayor Pannullo’s quote that says “we may not be related by blood but we are related by community and that is what makes us family” or the East Hanover Schools #weareeh initiative, there is no doubt that the communities of East Hanover and Florham Park are  family.

On a smaller scale, at  high school Hanover Park, there is a small community. A community that ties into the larger ones we are surrounded with, and those are referred to as the “H.P. Creatures”. The creatures are an all inclusive group of students that promote sportsmanship, school spirit, athletic events, and attendance to these athletic events. Oftentimes referred to as the “Student Section”, the creatures take over a section of the bleachers at any event, near or far,  any sporting event, to cheer on their fellow hornet athletes. Formed some years ago, the H.P. Creatures are famous for their themes and large attendance to events. For example, football games may be referred to as “black out” or “white out” or “gold out” to support the team and also to show unity between the students and the athletes. Other famous themes are “Halloween Costumes” and “Moses parts the red sea”.

The creatures do not stop there. With the spark in social media usage, it was only necessary for the Creatures to have a twitter page to update students on upcoming sporting events, themes, and what time to be at these events. The page also promotes spirit weeks and is usually run by one or a group of seniors for the given year, and when the creatures were first created, they were even featured on a news channel for the football teams historic win against Madison’s 38-0 winning streak which made them 39-1. This past 2017-2018 school year had the privilege of having Creature Nicholas Volante of East Hanover at the head of the creature page. Now, a new school year is in sight, it was time to pass the torch onto the Class of 2019 for their turn at leading the creatures. In an interview, Volante states that “After seeing my brother’s friends start what we call the “hp creatures” I always wanted to get involved. If you ask anyone they’ll tell you it fit me perfectly. Now passing the torch down to the lower grade shows it brings the students and athletes closer. It’s nothing more than a family and it goes to show how we always had and always will have our athletes’ backs.”

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The leaders of this past school year, along with Volante were involved and dedicated to getting as much student section attendance as ever to sporting events.

2018 Class President Bobby Lupo tells us what it means to pass along the tradition to the next in line “It feels bittersweet passing the torch on to this next grade but I I know it will be in great hands. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the upcoming year for all of our athletes to do their jobs and make our whole community proud.”

Both Volante and Lupo were imperative to the creatures in their years at Hanover Park and have certainly left a lasting impact on what it means to be a Creature. Moving on a new year is most definitely bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter for rising senior, Matthew Pennisi who will now lead the creatures through the new year. Pennisi expresses that “It is an absolute honor to be the 2018-19 creature. Being the creature was something I wanted  to peruse since freshman year. I look forward to carrying on the Hanover Park High School tradition and getting classmates fired up for our athletic events. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Volante for this opportunity. Go Hornets!!”

This is most reflective of Hanover Parks initiative #wearefamily , because a family is what this community is all about. Whether is is as small scale as the H.P. Creatures or as large as our whole community coming together as one, it is most definitely a great thing to see our youth develop such a sense of community and family.