Dear Editor –


I am writing to express my humble and sincere thanks to the voters of Florham Park for re-electing me to the Borough Council, but before doing so need to thank the entire Florham Park Community for something else first.  I wanted to do this a couple months ago, but as a candidate seeking re-election to a public office - morally and ethically - I was precluded from doing so until now.


As many may know, my parents, Joan and Charles Malone, lived in Florham Park for nearly fifty years and both passed away at separate times earlier this year after long battles with illnesses.  My parents were very involved in town and had many fantastic friends and memories of Florham Park.  Florham Park meant the world to them, as it does to me.  Over the course of their illnesses, Florham Park, as it always does, rose to the challenge and showed its true, caring small-town community fabric at some of the most challenging times for our family.  On behalf of my parents and my family, my parents would want me to thank so many people, but especially: Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad, Florham Park Police Dept., Holy Family Parish and Father Fred Walters, Father Thomas Rekiel, and Father Sean McDonnell (Randolph), as well as the Holy Family Ministry to the Homebound: Virginia Akhoury, Mary Scirocco and others, and the Dr. McDowell Council of the Knights of Columbus.  My Mother’s Bridge Club and, in retirement, my Father’s fellow Florham Park School District “Bus Driver Crew” – huge thank you’s.  There are many more people including doctors and nurses and anyone in town who simply stopped to ask us how they are doing or took a minute to shake hands at Church.  Thank you, Florham Park, on behalf of my parents for truly showing how special our town is – what a super place to live for so many reasons!    

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As for my re-election, I thank all the residents of Florham Park, and, especially, my wife, Kelly, and our family who allow me the time to volunteer in this capacity.  I am humbled and appreciative of the support given to me by voters not only on Election Day at the polls, but also over the past 5 years as one of your Borough Council representatives for our special hometown of Florham Park.  Special in so many different ways; not the least of which is Florham Park is only 1 of 16 municipalities in the State of New Jersey to achieve Moody’s highest rating of Triple-A (Aaa) after our having defended the rating.  This alone places Florham Park in the top 2.8% of 566 municipalities in the state.  Florham Park has the second lowest tax rate in Morris County, enviable commercial growth, fantastic homes and sense of community, beautiful amenities like the new 18-acre Elm Street / “Volunteers Memorial Park”, and so much more.  We are not without our challenges and I look forward to continuing to work with Mayor Taylor and the entire Borough Council, our great team of Borough professionals, and many volunteers on all that lies ahead for our home, Florham Park.


Thank you again and an early “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone,

Charlie Malone, Jr.

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