FLORHAM PARK, NJ - The Florham Park Police Department and Office of Emergency Management has issued the following update to yesterday's storm and aftermath:


Good morning Florham Park.

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Some positive news - tree crews and power crews are in town. The process is not fast though! Tree crews cannot operate until they are sure the lines around them are de-energized. This is a process in itself with many layers of confirmation, for obvious safety reasons. When the tree work is done, crews can begin repairing lines. In some cases, it is a simple reconnection, but in many others, it is going to involve new poles, wires, transformers, and longer repair times. There are only so many crews able to work and they have all been working tirelessly since the winds died down enough for them to do their jobs! Also, people with power now may experience temporary losses as lines are shut down to remove trees or to repair poles or other lines nearby. All of this being said, we still do not know when full restoration will occur.

Many residents were stuck in their homes yesterday and may not have witnessed the actual damage the storm caused and the reasons behind the wide spread power outages and road closures. Power went out from lines being ripped from poles, some poles even snapped in half and left dangling! We had transformers explode in front of our Officers, lines which appeared dead started arcing and burning, and a tree fell on a patrol vehicle, as well as many other residents' vehicles. Neighborhoods were shut off and travel was a nightmare! We also had many reports of trees falling onto homes.

These are just a few images from today, and as you can imagine, we were a little distracted yesterday to take any. We are not sure where the Postal Truck damage is from, but it shows the dangers our essential workers work through.

It also needs to be said that your DPW worked extremely hard for all of us yesterday! They were instrumental in clearing what trees and branches they could, clearing storm drains in the sideways pouring rain, and helping us setup barricades. Another outstanding job by that Department!

And a thank you to our Fire Department and First Aid Squad members who left their homes during these same dangers and damage to respond to the many emergency calls throughout town!

Thank you all for your patience and support during these incidents!