It can be so very challenging to feel gratitude in the face of struggle, heartache, anxiety and fear of what life is going to be like in the near future.  Finding gratitude is your own personal weapon against these dark thoughts and will help you feel better.  Consider forming your own personal journey to create the healthiest version of yourself and finding hope in these uncertain times.  

Harnessing strength, finding peace and creating connection with yourself and others can surely feel tricky, but today we can start with three practices to help you feel gratitude and make self-care your new healthcare:

1.  Look for the Lesson - It isn’t easy, but ask yourself how any difficult situations you are going through may be helping you grow as a person.  Perhaps forcing you to slow down, perhaps paying more attention to your immediate family or your inner world, maybe even re-evaluating your priorities.

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2.  See the Bigger Picture - While it may be challenging to understand when we are in the thick of it, a disappointing, frustrating or scary situation can lead to something better than we ever imagined.  Get some perspective by thinking back to the last time your hopes felt shattered - what good came of it? 

3.  Meditate -  Meditation allows us to access a state of consciousness in which we experience appreciation for simply being.  It helps us connect with our soul and remember that no matter what, there is a part of us that remains whole. This is a time to connect to this inner strength.

Research shows that just 20 minutes of meditation a day protects immunity, reduces anxiety, improves sleep and supports feelings of calm even amidst stressful situations.  It is one of the best tools we have to protect our well-being as we navigate through this crisis.  You do not need to start with 20 minutes, begin with just 5 and add on time as you wish.  This is a journey.

When you can’t go out, go within. 

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Keep taking good care of you. ❤️

Love, Ann