FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Florham Park’s own Thomas Dwyer serves his country aboard the USS Blue Ridge.

Sitting in the waters of Yokosuka, Japan, the USS Blue Ridge undergoes an extensive maintenance period to modernize the ship. Dwyer, pictured above, can be seen welding one of the Blue Ridge’s many pipes that is a part of this modernization process. Dwyer is currently a Hull Maintenance Engineer 3rd Class and proceeds to ready the ship to serve as a robust communication platform in the U. S. 7th Fleet.

As of March, there are over 322,000 active duty personnel in the United States Navy. This includes over 50,000 officers and 264,000 enlisted men and women. New Jersey itself boasts over 7,500 active duty personnel in the United States Armed Forces and 486 of those serve in the Navy. Florham Park has given one of their own to this noble group.

Florham Park is often referred to as a “community of Volunteers”. Dwyer shows this spirit of volunteerism as he represents Florham Park in this nation’s military.