FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Nothing quite puts the damper on our Fourth of July celebrations like some rain on our parades. There seems little chance of that this year as forecasts are bright for tomorrow’s festivities.

The mostly sunny forecast will see ample sunshine for Florham Park’s Fourth of July Parade taking place at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Spectators will be treated to temperatures in the mid 70s and slight breeze to keep things cool.

The parade will be followed by a family picnic around 10:30 and a social garden for the over 21 crown starting at noon. The temperature will continue to climb during these events, but top out at a high of 85 in the afternoon.

The fireworks display will be launching at 8:15 under a mostly clear sky. These perfect viewing conditions will be accompanied by temperatures in the upper 70s, dropping down as the night goes on. Fire up the barbecues, unfurl those lawn blankets and get ready for a very fine Fourth of July tomorrow.