EAST HANOVER, NJ- The Just Pups pet store saga left East Hanover and animal lovers throughout the state enraged and aghast at allegations pointing to the mistreatment of puppies in many stores throughout New Jersey. In response to this public outcry, the East Hanover Town Council has taken steps to beef up their rules and regulations regarding animals and animal establishments throughout the township.

Just Pups faced several accusations over their final months of operation in East Hanover. These included accounts of illegal import of animals and the subpar conditions of cages, bedding and water supplies. Several of the puppies were also found to have communicable diseases including giardia and kennel cough, some that were not properly quarantined and kept with the general populace.

“I have been doing this for almost 23 years,” East Hanover Health Officer, Carlo Dilizia, said in the closing statement of his testimony. “I am a hard worker, but I have never worked harder in my life than on this case. Every time you turn the page it’s something different…I sleep better at night knowing this place is not open.”

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To better equip the township in preventing and putting a stop to acts like this in the future, the East Hanover Town Council recently put forward a new ordinance, #3-2017. This is listed as an ordinance that will amend Supplement Chapter 173 which deals with animals and animal establishments. The amendments altered over a dozen existing sections and added penalties for a new section dealing with pet establishments.

“To protect the residents, the public and the pets of East Hanover, and to honor the outcry that the administration received from associations and groups nationwide, we felt it was incumbent to update and to revise our ordinance to reflect the required revisions to our local code,” East Hanover Counsel said. “This proposed ordinance does that.”

These actions taken by the East Hanover Town Council will seek to keep the problems of the Just Pups pet stores from happening again for years to come.