EAST HANOVER, N.J.- Cathy Shott more than teaches art to East Hanover Middle School students, she helps them not only find thier creativity, but embrace it, develop it, and use it to serve others. 

For many years she has added to the eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. in a very special way. Prior to the trip in June, Schott works with her students to develop a patriotic design for a pin they create in class and pair with a personal 'Thank You' message and email correspondence . Neatly packaged in a small gift bag, they too make the trip to D.C. 

Upon arrival, every eighth grader is instructed to share one with a veteran. "The response is amazing," says Shott, "we always get photos and emails through out the year." This is only one of the several initiatives in th curriculm at East Hanover Middle School that helps students see their own potential and how it can affect the community. 

On this Memorial Day, remember those who gave their lives selflessly.