EAST HANOVER, N.J.- When Cian Joseph, a seventh grader at East Hanover Middle School and a member of the Junior National Honor Society suggested hosting a talent show to raise money as part of their annual fundraising efforts, Mrs. Kerouac was a concerned. 

This year the club decided to raise money for the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, it was the first time a raise was made for furry friends and was supported  unanimously. The first activity to raise funds was a Staff Jeans Day. Members of the JNHS collected donations at the East Hanover School District vs The East Hanover Police Department volley ball game earlier this year. 

Joseph's talent show idea was supported by officers Jenyvib Tenorio and Anna Thatch and once they had approval, the act submissions came pouring in. The theater was filled and the donations came in, surpassing the other efforts. There were collection bins for largest needs at the shelter, which families filled up quickly.  "The effort by this group of kids was amazing," Kerouac said. She is the program advisor.