EAST HANOVER, NJ - This year's general election is an all vote by mail one, or mostly vote by mail one.  You can only vote in person at a machine if you are disabled.  Voters that arrive to the one polling location available to residents in town, will be asked to fill out a paper ballot, otherwise known as a provisional ballot.  In the event that a resident brings the vote by mail ballot they received in the mail to the one polling location, on Election Day, they will be able to drop it off there with the poll worker.

As of this past weekend ending October 25, 2020, the following number of ballots from East Hanover have been returned and scanned for recording:

There have been 3,324 ballots scanned.  Of those scanned (not tabulated), 1380 were from Republicans; 1037 were from Democrats and 887 were from Unaffiliated voters.

All voting results will be broadcast live from TAPinto East Hanover and Florham Park on Election Day.  Most races will not be decided by election day as there will be provisional votes, and votes that were postmarked but not yet received by the Board of Elections, that will remain to be counted.