Hi everyone - How have you been doing taking care of yourselves?

It has surely been a few very stressful months.  I want to share some tips on how we can develop a stronger heart - literally and figuratively.  Some simple strategies you can start right now which will improve your heart health along with a link to some easy, healthy breakfast recipes are listed below.  

Continue to spend time improving your health and well-being.  A kind word of thanks, a thoughtful hand-written note to a friend or family member you haven’t seen, a surprise bouquet of flowers for someone you care about or even for yourself!  The world needs you feeling your best.  

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EXERCISE CONSISTENTLY by scheduling your workouts the same time of day which will create an automatic habit.  Yo-yo dieting can be more associated with worse cardiovascular health compared to remaining overweight.  Gaining and losing weight repetitively is hard on your heart.  A training routine needs to be a permanent part of your lifestyle.  

PAIR STRENGTH TRAINING WITH CARDIO to reduce the inflammation that can lead to heart disease.  Both burn calories and improve your metabolic rate reducing your risk of heart disease.

SIP SELTZER or NATURALLY (fresh fruit/vegetable/herb infused) FLAVORED WATER and get rid of your daily sweet beverages.  Sugary drinks only encourage more sugar cravings.

CHILL OUT and find healthy ways to reduce stress.  Eliminate some of your unnecessary activities that keep you rushing around and begin to build in time to relax more.

MASTER YOUR MIDSECTION by eating healthy foods full of anti-oxidents, getting enough fiber, hydrating, and sleeping 8 hours a night. 

SKIP THE SALT and use more natural herbs and spices to flavor your food.

EAT MORE VEGETABLES by incorporating them with each meal and snack or by adding a few of them to your morning smoothie.

INCREASE YOUR GOOD CHOLESTEROL by eating less refined foods and boosting your intake of almond butter, organic chicken, and tuna which all improve your HDL, the good guy.



Use these clean foods often  in your daily intake:


Oat bran

Green Leafy Vegetables


Citrus Fruits


Olive oil


Walnuts and Almonds


Check out these healthy recipes for some ways to nutritiously start your day:  https://www.thekitchn.com/10-heart-healthy-make-ahead-breakfast-ideas-for-busy-mornings-254066


And, if you would like some assistance in wellness coaching and/or developing an exercise routine that works for your needs, please take a look at my website at annpelino.com and call me at 908-723-6979.   We can help you feel better together!


In good health,